The Tech-Savvy Marriage

Technology impacts just about everything about our culture and way of life. And marriage is no exception.

Social media. Smart phones. Online dating. These things can have a significant influence on our relationship with our spouse.

This impact can either be positive or negative. Be sure to take the right steps so that technology helps your marriage rather than hurting it.

Staying Married & Staying Sane

Stress and anxiety can play havoc on our relationships. No where is this more apparent that our marriages.

When we suffer, our spouse suffers. Therefore, we should seek to help one another through times of trouble.

The best gift you can give your spouse is a happy, healthy you. Stay sane and stay married.

The Best Marriages Aren’t Broke

Money is the number one thing that couples fight about in their marriage. Not kids. Not in-laws. Not sex. Money.

That’s why the folks at MarriedPeople and BrightPeak Financial have teamed up to bring you this resource all about handling finances in your marriage.

We understand how tough it can seem. But marriage is easier than you think. You got this.

Fighting Fair With Your Spouse

Every relationship has conflict. The closer the relationship, the more certain the tension and the more intense the fights.

Meaning, that you and your spouse are going to butt heads. You’re going to argue. You’re going to disagree. It’s OK.

But there are right ways to fight. And there are wrong ways. Here are some tips on how to manage fights with grace and humility.

Dating Your Better Half

Most of us date our spouse before we get married. We woo our boyfriends and girlfriend. We pursue each other.

Then, we get married. And for some reason, most of us stop dating. As if seeking closeness was only important before marriage.

Dating is crucial for any marriage. Because every marriage needs a spark. Without it, any marriage will wither away.